Transitions; though inconvenient but keep us moving

Do you remember the time when you had to go to a new school? Or the time when you were waiting for your college admissions? Or when you were to take up a new job or shift to a new city? Or may be getting into a new life altogether? We can see 2 things common in my above statements – first of course being “New” and second if you analyze is the “Change” which we can say as “Transitions”. Yes, transitions impact our lives a lot and always fill us with the feeling of those ‘butterflies in stomach’. This feeling at times creates brouhaha in our minds as we are always inquisitive to know the “New” that we are going to enter or experience.

Though we know this new that is coming is generally something good to happen to us, something that we look forward to, something that we have decided by ourselves to get into, the face of which is manifest to us but still we keep wondering as to how it would be like, try imagining ourselves into that new phase and build plans to adapt to it which leads to those nail biting moments and vacuum inside. Ever wondered why?? It’s the inconvenience of thoughts and adjustment that causes all this mayhem. It’s the general human nature to be curious about future, to be excited about the new plans and make preparations for them but at the same time subconsciously we are leaving our comfort zone i.e. our current situation which was some day a transition too.

Its like those waves in the sea, which make noise while forming coming from withing the sea towards the land, you can just estimate how big it could be but feel the coolness of water and the relief those little sprinkles give, only when when they touch your body. 

So until you don’t do it you will never know it. Look ahead and strive to move forward, experiment and explore the world, overcome your hesitations and embark on the opportunities. Ultimately these transitions will only lead you to your destination and make your journey of life memorable.


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